The Subaru dealers in Massachusetts cannot keep the 2013 Subaru Legacy Sedan on the lots. Although it seems just like yesterday, it has been four years since the Subaru has had its major redesign. The latest version makes you wonder if it is possible to make any more improvements to an already wonderfully designed automobile.

Among the many new features the 2013 model boast a fuel-efficient technologically advanced four-cylinder engine that will aid in saving gas. This sedan has a surprisingly spacious interior, and makes a great family car. The Legacy Sedan is the only automobile in its market space with all-wheel drive that comes standard. Both the interior and exterior of the Sedans is about the same size as its competitors in the mid-size sedan market space, including the Honda, and the Camry.

The design of the exterior has a look and feel similar to the Outback wagon, but not as defined as far as its boxiness. You will not notice to many visual differences between the base 2.5i models and the high end premium versions. The inside has a simple yet elegant design, the audio system is placed high in the center to allow easy access. A nice touch to the interior is the vents that somewhat echo the upward motif of the exterior headlights and grille. To give the Subaru an even more classy touch they added a dark synthetic glossy wood for the trim which ads to the interiors appeal, without going overboard.

The base 2.5i version of the Legacy is an extremely sensible choice, however you should not expect any extra frills. However the 3.6R version, has six-cylinders, and it gives a smooth ride and has enough power to get the job done. The high level limited trim puts the 2013 Subaru Legacy Sedan into the more luxury category.

Subaru has always been known for its handling capabilities. The Legacy has lived up to the Subaru standard with the 2013 Subaru Legacy Sedan drives like a sports car. The difference between the 2.5i and the 3.6R is the power, and the way that they feel when driving around twist and turns. The 3.6R feels a little front end heavy when taking turns, where as the 2.5i has a little more balance. For 2013 the Subaru has returned the suspension feature which gives the car more agility and at the same time it reduces noise and gives a smoother ride.

You could drive across the country with four full-size adults in comfort. The Legacy has access to the backseats via the wide-opening doors which makes it easy to get in and out of the automobile. The 2013 Subaru Legacy Sedan has the best front seat design in its class. Where its competitors would cheat to save room, the Legacy saved room and afforded comfort to the passenger.

The Legacy's all-wheel standard drive system is a plus on those rainy or snowy highways. Their is also an optional EyeSight system for the 2013 model, a stereo camera system which provides adaptive cruise control. A few additional features are lane-departure warning, and pre-collision braking.
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